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I just want to apologise for how see through these leggings seem to be, well not seem they really are I just didn't realise how bad until after I'd taken the pictures! The majority of them not being suitable to put up at all! haha. I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet as I'm mentally frazzled after first day of fashion show which was rehearsals and tomorrow is the big show but I'll tell you more about that in another post.

What am I wearing? This is another new top from Primark I adore the print, the only downside to this is that I wish it was made from the same material as my other knew one because I can button that right up but this one won't go over my chest, well it does but let's just say its not very flattering when its gaping over your boobs... But none the less I still love it and when I wore everyone was telling me how lovely it was. My leggings are from Evans and shall never be worn without a skirt or something over my crotch/bum area ever again as no one wants to see my massive granny pants. My shoes are from Peacocks and are my summer staple and have almost been in all my outfit posts recently and finally the vest under my top is a Marks and Spencer's one.

My make up is minimal other than the slick of red lipstick to bring out the colours in the top. The sunglasses were from Primark a year or so ago, I tend to buy a few new pairs every summer because there so nice from Primark and obviously really rather cheap. I dyed my hair a week or so ago I mentioned it in my last post but I think its more visible in the sunshine. I rarely get my arms out so I wore a black cardigan over this and a skirt over my bum to go out in public in but I thought I'd show you my arms in all there milk bottle glory!
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  1. love the top! i recently had a bottoms snafu with a too sheer cream colored skirt! my black hipster underroos with turqoise banding gave quite the show.

  2. Love the top :)

    Great oufit...your hair is such a gorgeous colour! xx

  3. thats a cute top! :)


  4. love your shirt! lol i hate boob gape, primark are the worst for it! xx

  5. i am SO jealous of your shirt.
    i tried it on, but the boob gape got the better of me :'(
    i have the problem where it will literally just pop open and i don't even notice, SO embarassing.
    Rosie xo

  6. its alright dont worry about it.. thats great do they look good ?

  7. I adore this outfit, your hair & the pictures are lovely! What a babe ;)

  8. i have this same kind of legging,but i wear it anyways with long tops mostly that would cover the crotch and bum..some days jeans or skirts are not the way:)
    following you now:)


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