A sneak peek.

This is going to be a very short post, as I'm dead on my feet right now and really need a decent nights sleep, I've been living off about 4/5 hours a night for the past couple of weeks and these dark circles are hideous!

Anyway I just wanted to show you two pieces of my collection complete with accessories. I snapped this just before Natasha and Lauren my models were about to go on stage, Hopefully I'll get one of Jess and Lisa tomorrow so I have full pictures of my collection, I'd love one of me with them all but I don't think it'll be possible but who knows?

I'll do a much more detailed post or two next week once I've recovered (ish). I think the hair works well with my collection and as much as people seemed to think heels would be better the brogues and socks work so much more in keeping or in style with my theme. I can't wait to show you more pictures and stuff as I was lucky enough to watch the whole show tonight while sitting with my college friends it was so lovely. So I'm going to go before I start rambling emotionally about it all!
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