Matalan Style Project.


This is the outfit I chose and styled for Matalan's monthly Style Project which is on there blog. The theme was Cyber Jam envision peplums, sequins, studs and space age inspired, from the upcoming Autumn/Winter collections now I'm sure if you've been a follow of my blog for awhile you'll know my style can be a little eclectic so this was definitely a challenge for me, that and the theme was primarily based in Matalan's Be Beau brand which only goes up to a size 18 and in the majority of clothing a size 20 but thankfully over sized is still very much in trend so I actually somehow got everything to fit really well!

I went for plenty of studs and metallic's accents to bring a more textured finish to the complete look. The jumper I really love specially with the detachable peter pan collar (you all know how much of a sucker I am for them). Though I'm actually wearing the jumper back to front so you can see the amazing galaxy print vest under it, and it wouldn't be anything space age without a bit of galaxy print would it now! The leggings I didn't really notice originally but my mum saw them and thought as my wardrobe staple is leggings that these would be a nice alternative and they are still a little different with the flash of PU down the side seams, these are also seriously thick meaning I can wear them as trousers too!

Okay so the shoes need a paragraph all of there own HOW AWESOME ARE THESE BABIES?! and for the princely sum of £14 not bad am I right. I was worried my feet would be to wide for them but surprisingly they are not, I also think they add a rocky edge to the look without being to OTT (meaning I can't walk in heels) so these stand out without me being crippled! The only accessories I added were the stud and pearl bracelet which was a bargain in the sale and the insanely spiky and amazing ring, which is a serious knuckle duster!

Right now here is all the details you can vote for me here by commenting with my name in the comments section at the bottom. It'll only take you moments and mean oh so much to me. Thank you so much if you vote and tweet me (@rosieroundface) or leave a comment below if you do!

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  1. I'm really loving the whole galaxy trend! This is such a cool look, I'll have to get to matalan to have a nose!


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    1. oooh I love this look! the collar is fab x

  2. I love this outfit and i love the shoes a huge amount I really want them! x

  3. You look super stylish! I love the shoes and want them tooo!!!


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