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Moda Lace Peplum Top - £14.00

I've been lusting over this after seeing it on Becky from Milk Bubble Tea. I actually ordered a week before I went on holiday then the day before I went it still hadn't arrived so I tracked the order to realise I hadn't actually gone through with the payment! Such an idiot I am!

So this is now firmly on my wish list and waiting in my basket as I'm unsure if I can afford to buy it currently so I'm hoping to sweet talk my lovely mother into getting it for me, worth a try anyway? I'll probably end up caving in and ordering this by the end of the weekend as I've spend £20 on the Dorothy Perkins sale today already when I'm feeling horribly rotten (like today and basically most of the last two months) I online shop and browse to make myself feel better for awhile it does but generally I feel just as rubbish hours later!

I also should be saving for a decent camera so I can carry on taking pretty little pictures for my lovely blog! My cheapo digital is on its last legs and the post camera I do use isn't mine and is slowly getting annoyed when I want to use it, so its time to seriously upgrade and get myself something really good. I've been lusting over this Nikon COOLPIX L810 Compact Digital Camera not just because its a nice colour! But if anyone knows anywhere else legit and cheaper to get this camera do let me know! Also if you have a cheaper camera you use for your posts that is AMAZING leave it in the comments so I can have a look at them online!

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