Ickworth House.


Dress/Sunnies/collar: Primark. Denim Vest: Dorothy Perkins. Bag: Asos. Leggings: Matalan. Sandals: M&Co.

These pictures were taken at Ickworth House where my family and I stopped off at on our way home from the holiday. Its described as a "Georgian Italianate palace in an idyllic English landscape." well clearly The National Trust no how to sell there places to people as this is definitely true, its really beautiful but also extremely quirky at the same time. You can discover what 'upstairs downstairs' domestic life was really like in the servants' quarters in the Rotunda basement which I have to say my parents really loved and that I even enjoyed, though things like this always start my mum off on reminiscing the good old days!

On the day we went and paid this "palace" a visit there was a wedding being held, now I've only been to Ickworth once before 2 summers ago when we were doing the same trip and it was always wedding central then to. Its seriously popular for weddings but I can totally see why its a pretty magical place with grounds you could wander for hours and it makes a beautiful back drop for photographs, though I saw the groom's part (is that the right term) all doing the bolt which totally ruined the moment! They were also soldiers in the RAF from the look of there uniforms and they all looked very pristine and dapper as visitors of the place we could also freely walk among the guests so it was an interesting experience to say the least!

My outfit was chosen for comfort and a four hour care journey but I also didn't want to look overly frumpy if it had been a cold day I would of just worn a chunky knit over this dress with a vintage scarf but it was actually really humid and warm so I stuck to just the t-shirt dress with my new found love the denim vest which has hardly been off my back since I bought it! The bag was a lovely gift from one of my best friends as a belated birthday present and I used it every single day while on holiday its small enough not to be something I lug around but actually fits in everything I need and how could anyone resist the cute little rabbit on the front anyway?! The sandals were found in M&Co which has been pleasantly surprising me lately with how lovely some of the things are they are almost like elastic straps and pretty comfortable I wore them for most of the holiday towards the end as we had such good weather! The necklace is something I picked up to jazz up plain tops and dresses which it certainly does I also love pearls and these are a nice modern twist on something otherwise very much the classic.
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  1. The house looks amazing, and you look gorgeous as usual :) x

  2. love the outfit, and i love your hair. eternally jealous.
    i would've worn a chunk knit too haha but you're right about the humidity :( i want to dress like it's fall already



  3. I love this dress so much, I have the white striped one and I'm gutted I didn't get the grey one now! Love the gilet with it too :)



  4. Loving this outfit! Super cute <3

    1. LOVE that bag! I want to go to a country house and frolic around and have afternoon tea. FYI I had a dream about Zayn last night x

  5. Ickworth House looks stunning, it does look like something you would find in Italy.

    I love your bag, it's so cute :)


  6. Ickworth House looks gorgeous, looks like it was taken straight out of Oxford! And you look lovely as always


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