I got a house with windows and doors, I'll show you mine if you show me yours.


Denim vest, Top and Skirt all Dorothy Perkins.

The denim vest has made me come over all bewitched so hence the title of this post. I also didn't realise until typing up where each piece was from that it is in fact all from Dorothy Perkins. It's definitely clear now that its the best shop in my town, though the top I actually ordered online. I think in general its just one of my favourite shops the clothes always fit me well and are pretty good quality for the price and have really good sales! Every piece I'm wearing also came from the sales, so it was a pretty cheap outfit!

I bought the jacket this week after umming and arring over getting one for awhile I think its the perfect summer over lay and I know exactly what I'm going to pair it with on holiday next week, I might even travel down there in as its comfy and stylish. I've also had my hair cut (not that you can tell) but it feels much more manageable and my hairdresser even commented on how much she liked m ombre ends this time and in how good condition it was in. Though she didn't know that the night before my hair had spend a lot of time being smothered in deep conditioners and serums!

I've started getting into wearing blusher again and new make up and I never realised how much it brings life to my face. I used to think my face was red enough without blusher but I'm starting to really love it and the gold shimmery eye shadow to bring out the blue in them. These pictures have made me decide that I definitely need to smile more! I promise I'm not grumpy all the time like I am in these photographs!
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  1. i LOVE the denim vest! i have yet to find one that fits me perfectly :) maybe i'll check out dorothy perkins! thanks for sharing!


  2. hehehehe that song. C'EST LA VIE! :D

    Looking gorgeous. Love the fringes. And I'm glad the hairstylist actually complimented your DIY ombre. x

  3. I love bewitched! I'll have that in my head all day now, love the denim jacket and your hair is looking gorgeous xx

  4. Love how you've worn that denim vest. had one for ages and had no clue how to wear it so so stealing your idea!!x


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