Hola Bambinos.


I'm back from my holidays, you lovely people! It was interesting to say the least I didn't take as may outfit photos as I planned as I was feeling pretty horrific for the first half of the week but I'll definitely have a few posts up of what I got up to and what not if your interested! By the way I seem to be saying hola bambinos quite a lot at the current moment and I've no idea why but I love it.

I've been feeling a bit rubbish today after going to the doctors and now having to go for more blood tests and still not knowing whats wrong with me. To be totally honest its really getting me down, more than anything has before. So I slapped loads of make up on properly using brushes and everything and then proceeded to take these pictures with my web cam as my camera is clearly getting onto its last legs. I'm in desperate need of a new one for my outfit pictures as I'm apparently not allowed to use my brothers snazzy camera. Anyone got and recommendations I need something that's not to big or pricey and works well in sunlight?

On my face I'm wearing Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in light 2 I've recently gone a shade darker as my summer skin was making my light 1 look like white rings around my eyes! I also dotted this down my nose, cheeks and chin then blended it into my skin with the foundation brush from Real Techniques Core Collection which I'll try get a review up of as its actually changed the way my make up looks completely! My eye lids have a lovely Collection 2000 blush on them just for a smudge of colour as well as some iridescent white just below my brow and in the corners of my eyes to catch the light ( a mild confession would be the shadow was from a TOWIE eyeshadow set I got at Christmas). The mascara I used was Maybelline the falsies volum' express in black drama this isn't one I tend to wear a lot as its not waterproof and it clumps my lashes, I also curled my lashes before hand and during as otherwise they are really stumpy and never hold the curl for long! My cheeks are a blusher from Barry M in No.2 which is a very bright pink I used to hate blusher but recently I've been wearing it all the time. And finally for the lips I lined with a Barry M liner in No.3 which is a red liner then I smudged it out with my lip brush and the colour which was still on my brush from last time which was also a red lipstick I then added some lip balm ( mines a freebie I got in a goodie bag from Simply Be) to give a light coloured effect. I would of (badly) photographed everything I used but I totally forgot!

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  1. You look gorgeous m'dear and your hair is looking great to, is the ombre lighter?
    Taking insperation from your post i'm going slap on a load of make up becasue I'm such a glum bitch. It's like a cloud has formed around me in the past few days!

  2. You look so pretty! All glammed up and gorgeous :)
    Love the hair too.




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