The Gazebo.


This is in the gardens at Capesthorne Hall where the classic car show I went to on Sunday was in the grounds. My mum took these and isn't to great with a camera sometimes so I am sorry that they aren't amazing quality. I'm doing work experience all this week and haven't have time to think about much other than vintage (though lets be honest that's basically all i think about anyway...) I'm hoping to drag my brother and his fancy camera here soon so I can get some good shots as there is so many really pretty places to take photographs!

Now on to what I'm wearing, my mum actually found this dress at the back of one of the sale rails in peacocks and its only a size 18 so I was reluctant to try it but I'm so glad I did because it almost fits like a dream and is surprisingly comfortable! I think gem at Fat Frocks also has this dress if i recall and she looks lovely in it. And the price wasn't too shabby either at a tenner. My leggings are the usual from either Evans or Matalan I can't remember where. The shoes are from Peacocks and I'm in dire need of another pair before I ruin these I just love them so much and the socks were from Primark for 50 pence. I'm wearing my glasses because I was awfully tired and wanted to be able to see where I was going. I slept in plaits so my hair was wavy then just haphazardly stuck the headpiece I made on.

I can't wait to tell you all about my time at Vintage Life Magazine! I also go on holiday in a week and were hoping to get Internet there so I can still blog.
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  1. Oh my! That is such a pretty place to shoot! Definitely get your brother down there.
    Your dress is so lovely too :)

    Florrie x

  2. exciting stuff! i love the background to the photos, how cool! :D
    Rosie xo

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  4. I DO have this dress and Klee from Hello World :) comfy isn't it? People always ask me where I got it and seem shocked when I saw Peacocks

  5. beautiful dress! You look great!
    I wish I had it too!

  6. Is that a rosebud hairband you're wearing or something cos it looks uber cute!


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