First half decent attempt at nail art ever!

Two layers of white nail varnish (as I don't own a light grey one) I prefer white anyway.

I dipped the Newspaper into the surgical spirit and pressed it onto my nail for 10ish seconds.
Peeling off the Newspaper, which on one nail I left it on to long and it got stuck!

Things I used, including my choice of Newspaper, finished nails.

This is my first remotely decent attempt at some nail art! Considering I bite my nails (which I know is a awful habit!) I adore nail art! Though having due to me having ridiculously short nails I've never really been able to do anything at all fancy other than slapping a bit of polish on. This has now changed, I love the idea of newspaper print on nails and it looks so good as well!

I'll just let you watch the video instead of me trying to type out how I did it, as I'll waffle on and it's really not difficult. Rubbing alcohol is surgical spirit and the bottle I used is probably older than me but worked fine! And definitely Make sure your varnish is dry otherwise the paper can stick to it and it'll ruin the look! In case you were wondering my choice of Newspaper was Saturdays Sun. The page I used was the article on Will Young, by the way how good is he new song!? to be totally honest the only reason I got it was because I wanted the Fabulous Magazine.

Below is the tutorial I used, I've also watched the majority of the cutepolish videos and I've bought fake nails to do them! So look out for more nail art on here in the future!

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  1. Looks great Rosie! I recently did Leopard Print nails on my blog. Nail art is definitely harder to do that it looks! xxx

  2. Oh my. I really need to try this. I've been so lazy and haven't painted my nails in ages. They need to be spiced up a bit...

  3. that looks really cool I would try it but It looks like too much effort for me :) ha

    once one of my nails has grown back from being ridiculously short compared to the others haha.
    looks lovely!
    Rosie xo

  5. i really want to try this now!

  6. Oh. My. Gosh. This looks amazing! Can't believe I'd never heard of it before! Definitely going to have to try it :D


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