Family Holiday.

( My eyes look so weird on this picture and generally awful but it was a year ago and raining!)

The above photograph was taken last summer on my holiday to Suffolk (this year could well be my fourth/fifth year going). I hope I might get Internet at some point during the week because to be totally honest I don't think I'll be able to survive! But I thought just in case I'd write a little post just to say why I'll be quiet. If you follow me on twitter I don't have it on my phone so they'll be no updating on that either, this will actually kill me!

Hopefully I'll get some lovely photographs from my family holiday and I'll show the better ones when I get back. I've also got a swimsuit outfit post to do because I felt totally inspired by Gazel's post I made my friend take some pictures at a hot tub party. I should really get those shots up unless I get better ones while on holiday.

Anyway I hope to be able to blog while I'm away even if it means doing it in a pub!
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