A Little Yours Clothing.


This is one of the pieces the lovely people at Yours Clothing sent me to review and to tell you all the truth when I first put it on I wasn't keen it feels too big and I didn't feel as if it suited me. But once adding a few accessories and a signature red lip my feeling have changed, almost. I still feel its a really loose fit on my upper body but seeing me wearing it in pictures has made me like it a whole lot more. One thing I really liked about this dress is that it feels cool to wear and the arms are not tight so its lovely for a warm day. Its made of a quite thin fabric but in my opinion I feel I could definitely make this work for winter as well, just layer it up.

With all the pieces I was sent this is certainly my favourite now because it suits me the best. Unfortunately two of the pieces don't fit me at all, especially a pair of chino's I can't even get the zip up over my belly but this just might be my annoying body shape! I have to say I've had pieces from yours in the past and I absolutely adore them so I feel that the sizing is just a little bit hit and miss so I would just check what fabric its made out of before getting your usual size.
I would wear this again and I recently bought a lovely red cardigan from Dorothy Perkins which would look so great with this outfit so look out of it again in the future on my blog! The accessories I'm wearing are the hat (£3) and shoes (£6) from Primark and the belt was from Matalan for £2.

My hairs grown quite a lot recently and I don't know whether to cut it a fair bit before uni or just leave it. I've also been trying to clear the red tones from my hair and I don't seem to be having any luck! I coloured it a darkish brown colour a few weeks ago and it seems to have just completely faded? I'm planning on eventually ombre'ing the ends but I might just give in and go to the hair dressers!

(P.s my fringe has FINALLY grown back after the slight disaster I had with it at my hairdressers! Sooo Happy)

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  1. Cute outfit, love the hat


  2. beautiful outfit babe! You look super cute! I must get back on and check out Yours clothing....


  3. ahh i hate when things have tight arms, soo glad this doesnt! :)
    it looks lovely on you, i love the whole look! :D
    Rosie xo

  4. cute! love it :) its a really pretty dress looks great on you.

  5. Awr so cute, as always, also your fringe is awesome.

  6. So cute! I'm in love with the polkadots!



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