By the fireplace.


This is another outfit I wore while I was on holiday in Suffolk. These were taken after me and my family had been out to the theatre in the forest (which I got some pictures from and will eventually upload them!) and it was really great it was something like our fifth year going but i really do love it!

Now on to what I wore, the jumper is a new piece I bought from Primark I'm loving this burnt kind of colour at the moment so expect to see more things like that coming through. The only downside is how baggy the sleeves are, I mean they are supposed to be like that but I tend to prefer something a little more fitted. The skirt is from Dorothy Perkins and you would of seen before on my blog (and will see a lot more of in the future!) this is my favourite skirt ever, I really hope I can find another one to replace it or something. The leggings are my trusty Matalan ones the socks were from Primark and originally to go with my final collection at college, then the boots I won on a twitter comp with Style369.

My make up and accessories are pretty simple on my eyes I had black smudged eyeliner on my lash line with a shimmer gold behind. Then just some lip stain to give a rosy flush to my lips. the scarf is vintage and was given to me by my mum ( I think she found when clearing through some boxes at my grandads along with some beautiful 1940s/1950s ones too) and the ring is a scrabble piece with R for Rosie on it and was given as a gift from my college helper.

A lovely reader of my blog has offered to do me a new header and layout and from what shes shown me so far there so lovely! I cannot wait to get it live on here! - edit- its up now what do you think?
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  1. i love the colour of the jumper, i need some of that myself!
    lovely pictures :)
    Rosie xo

  2. I love the new header its really nice and PINK! How are you doing.. excited to start uni? I love the outfit and your living room looks so cosy:)

  3. new header is super cute! I'm useless at making things like that xx

  4. so happy you lkke it! Thankks for the shoutout :)


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