Leiston abbey.


This is another outfit from when I was away. These pictures were taken in whats left of Leiston Abbey we visit it basically every year because its open at whatever time and we always happen to pass it going to and from all the different villages. There is also a really cool and even a little strange music school build in the grounds of the abbey, we've been visiting for over five years and still don't really know what goes on. Anyway its really beautiful regardless, oh and you can get married there too!

Now finally on to what I wore, I went for comfort because on this day we did heaps of walking including a brewery tour (which I should of loved, but surprisingly I'm not a huge beer person!) and general wandering around the town of South Wold, if you ever go to Suffolk you have to visit I LOVE IT THERE. The tshirt is from Primark men's and is a slim fit which I find is the perfect fitted tshirt for me and they actually wash really well. The leggings are my staple and from Matalan as is the lovely bird necklace which I cannot stop wearing! And yes that is the denim skirt you see yet again but I love it and it fits beautifully with the rest of my wardrobe.

Another good excuse I had for wearing it all the time was that I had to travel light... which would of been a lie because I packed so much!

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  1. I really, really love this skirt. Every time you wear it, I'm struck all over again by how flattering it is. Wish I could find something similar where I live! Fingers crossed!


  2. I'm loving this style of skirt atm, so simple but they make any outfit look super pretty



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