Mini Day.


A few little photographs I took today while at a car show with my parents. It was mainly for Mini's (well that's why we were there anyway!) I always love going to these shows and seeing how well kept some of these cars are. The red and black Mini (pictured last) won best Mini in show and it really was beautiful, they guy who owned it was there with his son and it was just lovely to see how much the boy loved the car just like his dad! The Blue Mini, which unfortunately isn't a Paul Smith one (I was gutted this year are in the past there's been a few seriously beautiful kept ones there but not this year) was packed next to our Mini and had been modified with a roll cage inside and the back lights were not original for the age of the Mini.

And Finally the top image is our own little car, I didn't get chance to get a picture of me next to it so I'm afraid you'll have to do with my parents. My dad bought it off eBay about a year or so ago and it was made in 1985 and the brown was its original colour I've written a few posts about this in the past so if your interested just go back to last summer in my posts. Over the years my parents have collectively owned around 16 Minis from clubmans to countrymen. They stopped having Mini's once I was born you can't get 2 children who need car seats into such a small car! Hopefully at some point in the future, when I get my act together and learn to drive I'll be able to use this car (which was the original purpose for the purchase!)

Now I know nothing about cars or engines of any other kind but give me a Mini and I can tell you roughly from looking at the model, style and exterior what era it could possibly be from and I think my dads actually quite proud of the fact I am interested in them and its something we both enjoy. Sorry this seems to have become really sentimental and a bit mushy, I do apologise! I took lots more pictures while I was there including some in the lovely grounds of where it was and some of the BEST MINI will understand once you see them

And on one teeny tiny final note after attending this in a state of the living dead (I'd had about 2 hours sleep the night before) I found out that a certain curly haired boy band member from Cheshire had been there, I don't know how I didn't manage to cross paths with him, which is a shame....
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