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This is what I wore on Saturday night to the gig, which I posted about earlier. I wanted to be comfortable but on the right side of frumpy. I will never get to grips with why some girls go to gigs in 6 inch heels and sparkly dresses, I mean its different if its more classed as a concert or something which is seated but I always class gigs as something more rough and grimy if that makes sense?

So here I am wearing one of my new tops from Primark and I am so in love with it I can see it becoming a summer staple, so much so that I'm going to guy it in the white floral version also. I'm really happy Primark now go up to a size 20, I mean I still don't fit in all there clothes but I fit in a lot more. Which is good news for me but possible not for my bank account! The cardigan is a very old one which is falling apart and in serious need of being replaced but I just can't find one I like. My leggings are from New Look Inspire about 2 years ago I love the look of them when I'm not walking anywhere but they fall down all the time and watching me hitch them up really isn't a pretty sight! The bag was from what used to be one of my favourite charity shops but recently they've put the prices up too much and I can't find the same bargains anymore. My shoes are from Peacocks and I need to buy another pair as I doubt they'll leave my feet this summer as I'm not really a sandals kind of girl. And of course I need my glasses on so I can actually see the band.

If you follow me on Twitter I posted that I'd updated my blog last night about the gig and linked it to the "band" unfortunately after noticing it had been retweeted I realised I'd linked the wrong band... but bless them the wrong band had retweeted it themselves. I couldn't face to delete it so I just hope they didn't actually read it!

Oh and p.s Happy 110th Birthday Edward cullen, you don't look a day over 17......
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  1. ooh good gig outfit, I totally get what you are saying about those girls that are really dressed up. I did wear a lace dress to a gig once but had it on with boots and a denim jacket and felt over dressed. Some pumps and a nice cardi all the way x

  2. Nice fit.! you really look great. The combination of the clothe are perfectly matched with each other. Keep it up! Very artistic.!

  3. gah, i despair of the 'glam girls' that insist on going to gigs in heels, then complain that theyre feet hurt. Seriously get a life!
    you look awesome, loving the glasses :D
    Rosie xo


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