If you go down to the woods today.


These are just a few snaps my brother took of my outfit while we were out walking our neighbours dog, we nearly always walk him on the wood paths which surround my town park. The lighting is always really beautiful through the trees this time of year as well, so its always a pleasant walk.It was really warm but with a cool breeze so I could easily deal with it. If any of you read my blog this time last year you may recall a post on how I generally hate summer but its okay I'm kind of learning to like it more.

So onto my outfit this tunic dress I'm almost certain you've seen a number of times its my go-to piece which I always feel good in, unfortunately it's going a little bit bobbly because of the amount of times I wash it, so hopefully next time I go into Matalan I'll be able to snap another up! The leggings are also from Matalan and do have lasted a little longer than my beloved black ones but this is probably because I wear my black ones basically every day and these just every now and then, there good quality for the low price of £8 but do tend to fall down a little basically like all denim leggings I've ever owned.

Now considering it was pretty warm I had my hair tied up, which doesn't always suit me but it just makes life a lot easier, recently I've bought a hair donut and have taken to wearing it in a Adele styled bun or ballerina version, I'm actually thinking of doing a post inspired by Adele's look and style let me know if you'd be interested in seeing that. My jewellery is very simple and I'm just wearing a rose ring which was from Ribbon and Asher at Dorothy Perkins, I just love it because it is a rose and fits my name. My shoes are from peacocks and are surprisingly wide actually I need to buy another pair before they stop selling them and I've completely ruined mine.

And lastly here is a very silly picture of me and my brother who for a few of my recent outfit posts has been photographer. He's just finished his last year at uni so he's home at the moment. And no our glasses aren't the same, though he likes to think I copied him....which I didn't! One this note of glasses I've actually had to get a new pair and I've chosen some from Gok Wans range at specsavers and I can't wait to start wearing them!
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  1. aw i have the matalan dress too! it's so cute :) def interested in an adele post, sounds interesting! x

  2. I love that picture of you and your brother, my brother is the official blog photographer too :)
    I have that ring too, I have such issues getting them to fit so I was pleased when it fitted me perfectly.
    All these photos are lovely! x

  3. you and your brother look adorable and I love those brown flats! cute blog



  4. love that tunic!
    the picture of you and your brother is so cute ^_^
    Rosie xo

  5. wooow im so loving this outfit!!! you look so cute! love it love it!


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