Galaxy Fox.


Dress (under tee): primark. Tee: topshop. Ring: primark men's.

I wasn't overly keen on these pictures but I thought I'd whack them up on the blog anyway as I adore this tee! I bought it in the Topshop sale at Christmas as I just love all there over sized tee's and they work on me as just loose styled normal tops so I don't really give a damn if there's not supposed to be for "me".

It's a dip dye effect around the whole bottom of the top and then the cute little fox is in a almost galaxy/milky way print. It's just so adorable and comfortable to wear I love how the sleeves are loose and easy to wear when its hot, I've also been known to layer a long sleeved top under it when it's cold. I wore this with a simple grey shirt dress from primark under because I'm sick of my denim skirt and I like the layered look. I also found this ring in primark for a pound, how awesome is that I've been looking for a moustache ring for ages but they've always been a bit pricey for me then comes along good old primark! I actually found this in the men's sections and I bought a large like I usually do with ring but its massive so I've wrapped masking tape around the back to stop it falling off. I only really bought it so I can put my hand to my face and find it overly amusing, which I do!

I really need to get my post up about last weeks underwear event, which was soo good may I add! I'm also going to another little thing tomorrow in Manchester which I'm looking forward to just hoping I'll bump into some bloggers I know and that I'm allowed to take pictures without much fuss! I have so many posts I want to do but I don't like posting more than one post a day, that's my little bit of O.C.D over it!
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  1. This shirt is awesome, I think you are absolutely right, the trend for oversized shirts is definitely an advantage for plus size girls :D

  2. I love this top! I was talking to my friend the other day about how we only ever look at the over sized tops in top shop because they are by far a much nicer fit. I really dont give a monkeys about the size on the label or the intended fit if it looks alright on. happen to own a "oversized shift dress" size 8 that looks like a fitted shirt on me but I loved the print so HA. XXX

  3. Very pretty shirt!
    Have a super weekend!

  4. Awesome blog, this is one of the best in fashion and apparel.


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