Top: Pop Boutique, Manchester (from the men's section). Trousers: Primark.

This feels like it's taken me days to actually write and post up, everything is just been getting on top of me and late nights and early mornings are seriously taking there toll! But finally here are one of my new pairs of trousers in all there glory so to speak. I just adore the print which originally drew me to them, well that and the elastic waist I seriously hate zips in trousers I find them so uncomfortable and just never fit me! These are in a soft light cotton fabric so they'll be great for summer, I'm just thinking of making them ankle grazers at the moment because I'm a dwarf and there to long.

I was originally thinking maybe these would look better with a long line top over them as crotches on trousers always look weird on me but when I bought them with Sophie she said they looked good high waisted so maybe I can just do both? Though I think I need some shape wear under them as you can see my tummy a bit! I styled these with a vintage inspired knitted shirt from Pop Boutique in the northern quarter, I love going there and may of mentioned them in posts over the last year or so. I tend to have more luck in the men's section than women's, not that I care as long as I feel good in the clothes anyway. I just finished it with a light sweep of red lipstick.

Yesterday I was in London for an event and had to catch the coach at 7.30 in the morning and got home at 8pm and today I had a hand in between 10 and 11... and woke up at 10ish to Sophie banging on my bedroom door and thank god she did! So even though today I should be finishing off my shirt ready for my fit session next Wednesday I'm sitting in bed feeling like I'm doing everything half asleep!

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  1. Love the pattern on these trousers, you look brilliant in them! xxx

  2. I think these trousers look fabulous on you! :)

  3. I think they look great high waisted. I love mens section in shops. Next time your in primark check outthe mens section. I get my summer vest tops from there they are notas clingy as the womens and they are longer in length which I love x


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