Rizzle Kicks.


I just thought I'd show you what I got up to on Friday night, which was of course see Rizzle Kicks at the O2 Academy in Leicester. It was all very last minute as in we got the tickets 5 minutes before we left for the gig and missed the support acts but its was so much fun anyway! I have to say I may be a little bit in love with these lovely boys now, I actually saw them (to look at not perform) the day before while I was wandering around London with my friend after the event I attended, which I will be doing a post about very soon! Jordan and Harley were shooting something for someone (can you tell how clued up I am?) at Piccadilly Circus so I casually stood in the background of the shot fangirling badly.

Anyway I basically wanted to say how good they were live and how hilarious they actually are, there dancing is utterly epic and there was so much energy on stage they clearly have a great time with there band and performing. I've also never seen a whole room dance quite as much as we all did when they started doing "doin the hump" lets just say I did have a little wiggle around to the music, how could I not it was so addictive once everyone started! So all in all such a good night!

Does anyone else find things ten times more exciting when there really spur of the moment, because I do!
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