With a cool cool breeze and dirty knees.


Dress: Marks and Spencer. Shirt: Primark. Shoes: Evans. Leggings: Matalan. Sunglasses: Primark.

My brother took these pictures for me while we were walking around the grounds of Lyme Park on my birthday (I'll show you more of the lovely shots we got in future posts) as it was so warm I didn't really want to cover up in a cardigan so I threw this shirt over my new summer dress and I actually really love the outcome. If you haven't noticed by now I'm all for clashing prints even if the outcome isn't always that nice! I promise I'll show you the dress in all its glory as the summer goes on, I feel like it could become a good staple as I can dress it up or down and its a really good length so I could wear it without leggings.

At the moment I seem to have a bit of an obsession with knotting my tops under my bust and wearing dresses under them. It's an easy look that breaks up and outfit and I always knots them there the waist/across seam is on the dress so it works. I just feel that its a really relaxed look and also means you basically have two outfits in one! I can also see me carrying this on through out the summer and on into next season just as a way of wearing some of my dresses more!

I'm in desperate need of a haircut at the moment and it's pretty clear on these pictures! The silly thing is I can talk to complete strangers for ages, but I'm finding it almost impossible to call up my hairdressers and book an appointment. You can also see my ombre hair slightly still in the sun, I haven't done it again yet so its still going strong after four or so months but I really want it to be lighter next time. So for now I'm being good and waiting until I've had it cut to re-bleach it as I know my hairdresser wouldn't want me to kill my hair yet! I'm looking forward to getting a few reviews up in the next week or so and just getting plenty of outfit pictures done while its not raining!
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  1. I Love this on you, the dress looks amazing, cant wait to see the whole dress, but in the mean time I really like the idea of tying a blouse over *starts thinking about blouses I could do this with*
    Gorgeous xxx

  2. I have that dress. It's brilliant

  3. Fabulous as always, I love that dress :) xx

  4. back to rain tomorrow boooohoo! I just got my hair cut with a groupon voucher I got, feel so much better now that all the split ends are gone x

  5. That's a great idea putting a top Over a dress

    I have the same dress and it feels a little low cut to wear alone

    Off to rummage for a top to go over it x


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