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I feel like its become a bit of a tradition on my blog that whenever Ed Sheeran has a new video out I tend to post it up and discuss how beautiful he is and well I'm definitely not one for breaking such traditions! I know there is a very strong meaning behind this whole song like with most of Ed's because he can't just write about anything he always puts his emotions into a song, which is probably why there so lovely. I think we all know I'm a massive fan girl over him so most people would think even if he was shocking I'd love it but in all honesty I feel the video is missing something, I still love it but it's not my all time favorite.

Though I will say some parts are done beautifully such as the shots of his face (mainly because its his face..) and fading people in and out of shot is a clever interpretation of time shifting. I don't have masses to say about this video as it is simple and there is not a thousand things going on at once in it but sometimes it' best not to over fuss anything and just to see and hear how it is? I hope that made sense anyway! I feel like this was all done in virtually one shot and that's another reason why I love Ed she doesn't make a big deal out of things.

And to finish on one final note just look at the boy!
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