Happy Birthday To Me!

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Just a quick post to say IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY and I turned nineteen. I've had a pretty lovely day spending the majority with my family and going out for a meal. I spent the afternoon at Lyme Park (where some of pride and prejudice was filmed!) and I'll show you those pictures in a post as soon as. These shots were taken while sitting on the grass baking outside the amazing house! My brother took them for me and didn't like my overly cheesy grin well I love it! I'm afraid to say along with too much light exposure you can also tell my glasses are a bit wonky and don't fit my nose well but you can't complain for how much they cost! (50p in case you were wondering).

Anyway I just wanted to post to also say thank you to all the beautiful bloggers that have sent me messages and wished me a happy birthday so far today! So there is only thirty minutes of my birthday left and I'm going to enjoy them by watching Snog? Marry? Avoid? and swooning over some of my adorable gifts from my friends, which I'm sure you will also see in upcoming posts.
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