New Years Eve.


So this is what I wore to bring in 2012 in style! I honestly had such a good night though I haven't drank so much in a long time it was pretty messy and I actually have very little recollection of anything that happened after midnight so obviously it was a good night! Though I have been told some of the things I did or said and have had texts today telling me I was brilliant and hilarious I know I obviously was making a big idiot out of myself but at least I have the drunk excuse (this time).

These are both new purchases and both in a size 16! ( I do realise its totally obvious that I am in fact not a size 16 and I'm actually a size 20) the top I bought before Christmas from Madame Rage online in the sale I adore this top but I wore it for the first time last night and a few of the buttons fell off so I'm going to change them for slightly more sturdy ones. It's a cropped style so its hard to tuck in but I somehow managed it for most of the night it also has lovely draping on the front and I genuinely just love it. The skirt was from Dorothy Perkins in the sale as I've been looking for a few skirts that can be worn for all different things. and this one can be dressed up or down and I can wear it high waisted and its still a really good length, the fabric is also pretty thick and feels comfortable and warm on. I finished the outfit off with my massive black heels (which I lasted all of five minutes in).

And lastly I thought I'd share with you a picture I always have to get taken when I go to house parties the obligatory singing into the shower head photo and as you can clearly see I was loving life right then!

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  1. Arghh! I've been looking for an all-rounder black skirt, looks great, I want it!! May hunt you down and de-skirt you!! LOL x

  2. You look great on that outfit! I like your tops.

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  3. You look stunning, I especially love your shirt! Love the shower shot, I've yet to see any NYE photos of me but can guarantee they're going to be awful heheh xxx

  4. gorgeous outfit! I've seen a shirt very similar somewhere and loved it....I'm lusting after bird print hard right now!

    But I giggled at the shower shot...I'm not one for doing stuff like that, but my sister is very much so, and she has many a daft picture like that!

  5. like this outfit :) cute thing :))

  6. This outfit is amazing. You look great :)!

  7. Aww you're just gorgeous!!!!!!!

    I love the top, so so so so cute and stylish.

    As for the shower head photo... hehehe! That gave me a laugh for today (in the good way)


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