Gok Wan for Simply Yours.


This time last week I packed my bag in preparation to spend the next day in London with some truly amazing bloggers and obviously the seriously amazing Gok Wan, now I know hes not lots of peoples cup of tea but yes I have the biggest crush on him, which I did make known! The way Gok talks about his pieces you can clearly tell how passionate he is about it all! We also met his assistant WHO IS BLOODY BEAUTIFUL and also complimented me, even though I was at a underwear preview I heard how the new range of glasses are going to be amazing! (There was more than just me who was lusting over the assistant basically all of us!)

Now I borrowed a few of these pictures off some of the bloggers who attended with me but I can't recall which was from who's blog so I'm going to link them all on there as I think they are all worth having a look at anyway! Some of the bloggers I'd met a few times before those being the lovely Em, Lauren, Mhairi, Naomi and Georgina but I was also soo happy to finally meet Becky, Clare and Beth. I'm so sorry if I've missed anyone out but I met so many people who were true darlings, thanks to Charlotte from Simply Be for being totally lovely as she always is and Sheena!

Finally I hope you have a giggle at my pictures of me with gok, I couldnt take a nice picture on that day and every shot I even look terrifying or my eyes are closed!
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