Ed Sheeran.


On Friday I went into Manchester to see the seriously amazing Ed Sheeran and was lucky enough to meet him at the end after freezing my arse off for well over an hour. He even took my business card and said " I do my own styling but that's cool" referring to my business card his manager offered to take it off him but he said he'd put it in his pocket and I watched him do so. Then me and my lovely friend Amy got a picture with him, utterly perfect even more so with his adorable jam jar glasses (jam jar meaning there pretty strong lenses).

Now yes I was basically at the back (we were standing behind the sound desk) meaning I spent half the night staring at the securities chest, he was lovely and called Richard Cullen and was a first year student doing some form of accounting, new friend for life right there I also later got told in the loos by a girl that he and I quote "well fancied me" brilliant. But in all honestly this was one of the best gigs I've ever been to and I feel all emotional thinking about it as since September its all I've listened to meaning sometimes its the only thing that's got me through moving to uni etc. Next time I am going to try even harder into blagging myself onto the guest area... because its the balcony so I would actually be able to see the whole of insanely wonderful Ed instead of just flashes of his beautiful ginger hair. So if you follow me and don't know who Ed us (which would be suprising as I've done at least three posts on him) you can find him on twitter as @edsheeran

If you ever get a chance to see Ed Sheeran take it! he is also one of the truly loveliest "well known" people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting now all I have to do is plan our wedding...
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