I Heard It Through The Grapevine.


Here are a few snaps which we took while at my brother DJ night in a cafe/bar in my local town. This was the second night he's done are his indie soul night with my friends brother (said friend is in the bottom picture with me) the nights called Through The Grapevine and it's really good fun as I am a bit of a indie girl and there is nothing like some good old northern Motown classics to dance around to!

Unfortunately I look a bit of a mess due to me having some serious issues with sleeping at the moment generally due to my pure dread and fear of leaving home again and going back to uni, I would explain why I am but I don't want to bore you with me crying etc. So I shall go onto a nicer subject these are some of my old friends from High School one of the girls I have hardly seen in the last couple of years so it was so lovely to see her again and tit around like we used to!

I never got round to getting any decent pictures of my outfit but I wore a vintage shirt from a charity shop which has Broadway on it. My skirt is new and bought in the sale from Dorothy Perkins and its hardly been off me since I got it. Back to uni tomorrow so I'll have my tripod hopefully I'll get some review posts up in the next week as my photographer has been slacking all over Christmas!
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