You and I ended over U N I.


I'll try and keep this as short and sweet as possible because I'm supposed to be doing a whole list of other things right now! I bought this lovely little top from Primark this week for a fiver which I don't think is too shabby the only thing being that its pretty see through not that I mind all that much! It's also got an adorable scalloped edges on the sleeves and bottom though it does roll up slightly but I do't mind at all. I wore to pop to uni to hand in a project with this dress over which I bought last Christmas in the Evans sale. I think the collar of the top peeping out give a whole new lease of life to the dress and the necklace is like a little hand mirror which I got off a friend for Christmas as she knew how much I've been after one!

I just slapped on a bit of bright pink lippie on so there was a hint of colour to the outfit and my face. I haven't worn my hair like this since the beginning of September so I thought I'd give it ago tonight I wish I wore it like this more as its great for when my hairs just annoying me but I don't want a ponytail swishing around behind my head! I'm also trying to decide what to wear to Ed Sheeran on Friday night (yes I'm VERY excited) so I hope you all look forward to my probably awful pictures of him at the gig! (also this is what my post title is about I'm listening to his album on repeat in preparation!)

Now its time for a group pizza night and giggles with the girls from uni but just before I leave, did anyone else join in the #plussizechat on twitter last night? I actually found it so much fun and it was great to see that so many people agree with you!
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Thank you! I try to read every comment I get and if I don't reply on here find me on twitter (@rosieroundface) and let me know!

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