New year, New Starts.


I was planning on writing up a few posts and reviews today but I feel I should spend tonight with my old friends.

And before I'm to drunk to type I wanted to wish everyone who follows my blog a very happy new year and I'm utterly excited about the prospects I may get in the next year after my blog has grown so much and I've met so many amazing bloggers and honestly some best friends one including Steph from Buttons, Bows and Brogues as if I hardly knew you this time last year, I'm sure most of you have seen our insanely long and slightly insane twitter sessions with each other but honestly don't know what I'd do without this girl now and I'm afraid to say you'll not be able to get rid of me in a hurry steph!

I realise how emosh this all is but I just wanted to state it anyway also If you follow me on twitter there will most likely be drunk tweets and I do hope you enjoy them muchly! I'll try and post tomorrow what I'm wearing or something as I am planning on dressing up. Also in the next week or so I might do a post on my fave outfits of 2011 as its when my blog really started to pick up and get noticed!

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Thank you! I try to read every comment I get and if I don't reply on here find me on twitter (@rosieroundface) and let me know!

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