Monday Night.


I missed out on posting my Mugshot on Monday because me and my lovely friends at uni all had a Christmas dinner which may I say was SOO GOOD and then I somehow got talked into going to a club with one of my friends who I'm living with next year and a group of guys were friends with who also came to our Christmas meal! This is what I wore to go "clubbing" in and for I meal I just had a denim skirt over the top of it so this dress was worn as a top. I looked okay at the start of the night but by the time I got back to my halls (at 4am! I swear I've not stayed out that late ever!) I was completely drowned we thought it would be a good idea to walk back instead of getting a taxi which was fine until the heavy rain started and the wind was blowing it at us so it was also painful! But other than that it was a really amazing night and I somehow only spent £2 and was really very drunk. Though you must all be very proud of me I got into bed at 5am my alarm went off at 8.45 and I got to my 3 hour workshop at 10am how I survived the whole session on I'll never know!

So what I'm wore was a tunic/dress from yours clothing which is so comfortable and doesn't really cling to my tummy at all if I wear shape wear anyway towards the end of the night it did but only because my tights had almost completely fallen down. I think the leopard print collar just makes it a bit more quirky and interesting. The cardigan was from Dorothy Perkins the bright blue of it just brings some life to my otherwise very black outfit. And finally my shoes ares little fold away flats from Evans which I bought in the sale for £5 though after getting drowned I'm worried they'll be ruined now!

I've got lots of pieces to blog about in the next week and I finish for uni on Thursday so I'm hoping to finally get to do more posts which I've been thinking about! And yes the second picture is me drunkenly dancing but believe me that was the best of a bad bunch!
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  1. Looking foxy!! You've got great legs too *jealous* x x

  2. **sleethes with jealousy** over the great fringe and leg combination! Clearly this is the outfit as it resulted in free drinks, and dirty stop out style shenanigans! Well done!


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