Monday Mugshot Week 10.

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1. So I missed one of these last week but I posted about the Dune event so I feel I could let myself off and now I'm writing it much later than I should but I'm doing it all the same, the thought of Christmas and my uni work mounting up is meaning I've been a little random with posts but at least I am still managing to post even if I don't have the time in the future I still will I now honestly don't know what I'd do without my blog now!

2. I'm pretty on it with Christmas presents this year, I've got a few bits and pieces for everyone but I'm sure once I'm home next week I'll end up going shopping with my mum for stuff and buying A LOT MORE. It might sound sad but I really enjoy buying presents for my brother even though I put loads of thought into his presents and last year he went to Tesco and bought me blistex and wrapped it up in newspaper...

3. Yes next week is my last week of uni until Christmas then I've completed my first full term which is CRAZZZYY and actually quite scary at how quickly it seems to be going! Though I missed a fair bit last week due to being full of flu among other things.

4. I hope your all looking forward to some sickeningly Christmassy posts over the next few weeks I AM SO EXCITED EVEN THOUGH ITS FREEEZING! p.s the little tartan cape I have on in my pictures is a little gift to myself I purchased in the urban outfitters sale and I totally love it and will do a full post on it soon.
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1 comment

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