Needed in my life.

I just wanted to quickly post about these shoes before they arrived on my doorstep. These may be the highest shoes I've ever bought in my life and I will most likely either topple over in them or walk like a tranny but I just couldn't say no after I originally tried them on in store and could actually walk in them without wobbling to badly!

So after a pretty unsuccessful shopping trip into town at uni I came back and thought I'd look around online for something and after finding nothing I thought I'd try Matalan and they had the type of dress I was kind of looking for and when I found a promotional code for 20% off ( its earlyxmas in case any of you wanted it!) I thought well I may's well buy the shoes of my dreams while I'm at it. If any of you have me on twitter (and if you do your brave or put up with a lot!) you will actually know that I was in fact dreaming about these shoes its how much I wanted them!

I might attempt them for Curves in Couture but I might not... lets just hope it all gets to me in time!!!
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Thank you! I try to read every comment I get and if I don't reply on here find me on twitter (@rosieroundface) and let me know!

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