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I've seen this shirt on a few bloggers now including Amy from these girls turn heads and it just looked so lovely on her that I had to have it, so I logged onto Dorothy completely fine with paying the postage (which is what I usually moan about!) and to my dismay they were all out of stock except for a size 14. So I keep on checking to see if they restock and they have unfortunately they are yet to restock size 20, so I'm just wondering if the size 18 would fit me at all or not? I'm really loving the star prints this season I remember wearing them when I was about 14 during my scene kid phase but this time round I want to wear them in a completely different way not with pink converse and black hair!

Has anyone else been lusting over the galaxy/star trend recently? There is also a few other tops I've been eyeing up recently including velvet and map print as well as a kind of milky way galaxy style. Unfortunately the majority being either out of my size or price range!
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  1. Oooh that is lovely. Hope you manage to get hold of it! I know what you mean by wearing star prints in a different way to when you were 15! Jen x

  2. Yes me!!! I LOVE Stars at the moment!! xx

  3. I'm loving stars at the moment too! I'm hanging out for a star print skirt! :)

    Olivia :) x
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