Summer style.


This is just a very quick post to show you what is my favourite item on the Evans site at the moment, I saw it in the catalogue and fell in love with it! From other pieces I wear or talk about on my blog I'm sure you can tell why I like it. The pattern, shape and style is just something that seems easy to wear and comfortable. I can see me wearing this a lot as it can be worn casually and dressed up in my opinion. I think its the vintage feel which its pulling me into putting it in my shopping basket, unfortunately the price is putting me off at just over £29 it may not seem to break the bank but I just feel its quite pricey for a pretty top. But if I do come into some money or if someone decides to treat me then I am going to snap this right up!

Have any of you seen anything on Evans which you need in your wardrobe recently?
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  1. Aha! Thats the top I got recently. I LOVE it! Its fab! I would request a late Birthday present if I were you!

  2. A wonderful and lovely and super cute and cool black spot prom dress last may and the same day I bought it, 5 hours after, it disappeared from the shop online, sold out... amazing!

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