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Here is a little outfit post from a few days ago, I written this post earlier but when I went to click publish it somehow vanished and did not save! I'm pretty annoyed at this now because I can't remember for the life of me what I wrote! So I won't ramble on too much this is what I wore.

The Jeggings are from New Look a couple of years ago and as much as I love them on and how they look like jeans but without the zip and button quashing into my belly, they fall down so badly almost whenever I walk, and I'm almost certain seeing a girl wiggling up her jeggings every three steps is not attractive! My shoes are also pretty old and were from Evans I haven't worn them much because they aren't the widest fitting which is what I normally need but I'm sure they'll be worn to death sooner or later. The top I have on is from Urban Outfitters and is a size M so this shows it pays off to have a look in straight sized stores, especially recently as the oversized trend has been pretty popular. My necklace is from a local charity shop and as much as gold chains can be seen as "chavvy" I think it just depends entirely on how you wear them. For instance I'm wearing it without any other jewellery with a understated outfit, which it looks quite classy and simple but say I was wearing it with trackies tucked in my socks and a fake burberry cap it would be "chavvy" and not to mention pretty hideous!

Now onto my hair I bought a donut for it from New Look a week or so ago when they had there buy one get one free offer on and I have to say I love it, considering my hairs quite long (for me) at the moment its a nice way to keep it off my face and neck, though I do feel it looks a little too polished here if you know what I mean? this then brings me on nicely to what else I wanted to say I'm planning on shooting some looks for a review I need to do based on Adele inspired looks and I'll be trying (and probably failing) at doing a side bun with my donut like she used to wear her hair.

And on one final note I somehow got my collection ready for fitting next week! how I have no idea but I managed it, so this means my work will be in the fashion show! This causes for a celebration so I'm off to do so by watching a few episodes of Miranda.
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  1. i love your top, such a nice colour! urban outfitters sizing is dead random, sometimes i need x-small and sometimes i need x-large. i really like your gold chain too. i wear a gold name necklace from argos pretty much every day of my life which many people would consider to be the chavviest thing ever. i think it definitely depends on how you wear things but thats what cool about fashion ;) xx

  2. love your hair color and i still love your bangs, they're perfect!

  3. Love your top :)

    I have a jumper similar to this but in black and white from Evans!


  4. Love the top soo much. Might get one myself since I was already looking for a similar design.

  5. stripppppes <3
    my favourite thing!
    brill outfit :D
    Rosie xo

  6. Look at you looking all whimsical bb!

  7. oooh I hadn't thought about a donut might pick one up. Even though I've got really thick and long hair my buns still don't look that big xx

  8. I love that top you have on! The perfect breton style tee, it looks great on you! Also, Miranda? <3! x

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