Final collection ready for fittings.


So these are pictures of my almost finished collection, I just have to add trimmings such as zips and accessories then fit them to the models and I will be done. Which is kind of terrifying to think I've almost finished college! As I've said before my collection is based on the women's land army of the second world war, but bringing some of there styles up to date. Hopefully by now you will all know that I love vintage so of course I enjoyed researching for this work. If you read my blog around Christmas time I did a lot of blog posts about the women's land army and there style, so to save me from repeating myself just look back to the end of December.

I know the play suit doesn't look much now but once I've got the exposed zip on and belt as well as rolled up bottoms (which will be similar to the ones on my shorts) I think it will look really cute! The dress is possibly one of my favourite pieces as I feel I spent the most time on this and after the issues it began with, mainly thanks to me sewing the panels the wrong way round.... its turned out pretty well. Also I'm not sure if you can see the print of my pencil skirt and play suit arms but its map patterned fabric unfortunately I couldn't get any of the underground but this actually works really well (its a USA map with the routes on) And the collars on my garments were all found on eBay and bought all together, there is also another one going onto my play suit.

Today was the start of fittings week, so be prepared for a fair few posts either to do with my collection or just totally random because I may be waiting around for models. So one of my models came in today her name is Natasha and she was truly lovely she will be wearing my shorts and blouse which I fitted her in. She was nice enough to let me take some pictures of her to put up on here so I'll be putting those up tomorrow! Now I'm off to update my diary for my collection and hopefully get a brew.
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  1. OMG. I LOVE the second design! Thats amazing my darling, you are VERY talented. I know who is making my wedding dress to Prince Harry ;) xxx

  2. Aww Rosie, they look brilliant! You've done such a good job so far, and I think your ideas and inspirations are brilliant. The map fabric is wonderful and looks so good! Can't wait to see the runway photos from your fashion show :D

    Lauren xx

  3. these are gorgeous, i love that 2nd piece, I would totally wear that!

  4. oh my goodness! You are so talented! I would seriously wear every piece!

  5. wow, just found you through Lapocketrocket and love your blog, I would definitely buy the Map skirt, it is gorgeous!!

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