Calling myself a designer?


The title relates to the fact that now technically I'm classed as a designer and its quite strange to think of me like that. This post will be another short but sweet one as I'm really tired after tonight show and packing everything away in the horrible rain!

This picture which isn't very good quality at all, sorry is of me and the models who wore my collection down the catwalk. And I have to say I truly was really happy with them! they all walked well and looked good in my garments. Though if I had to have a favourite it would be Jess who wore my map printed pencil skirt with the black and white blouse. It's not because she was the prettiest or thinnest or whatever, its just cause I love her hair and it matched so well, that and her poses and everything. Yes I know there seems to be a girl crush developing! But honestly all of the models were utterly lovely this year and in general we couldn't of asked for better ones!

So I'm going to love you and leave you now as I'm falling asleep as I type I'm planning on doing more posts on the fashion show in the next week or so once I've got hold of my better pictures! And on one last note this time next week I would of finished college and its terrifying just to think about it, I'm welling up now!
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