Once again inspired.

For this drawing I used the paintbrush option on photoshop to colour in the lines of her hair. I wanted a contrasting shade and this is one of my favourite tones when I am doing hair as it is vivid without being over powering. I think fr these two edits I have kept the mood still remotely innocent and feminine but with a vintage twist, for examples the tones and hues of the vest and the old newspaper clipping for the pockets and hairband.
These are my other drawing in ink inspired by Natalie Hugh's original drawing. I also used the traditional technique of cutting out and replacing the white paper with either patterned fabric or as I used here wrapping paper and newspaper.

This is just my original cut out image which was all done by hand I then scanning it into photoshop and cleaned up the image adjusting the colour levels to make to background whiter. While changing the levels I also edited the flowers to produce a much richer shade on the pinks, purples and greens in the paper and Then I washed out the yellow slightly to make the Flowers more prominent.

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