Rag Doll, livin' in a movie.

These beautifully crafted Rag dolls are made by the wonderful Rai of Blargle Fargle. Where she blogs about life as a uni student, cute artwork, lovely photos and her love for fashion.She also does almost daily outfit posts where Rai is nearly always wearing a lovely dress or really kitsch jewellery. I first found Rai's cute little blog thanks to her rags dolls another wonderful blogger Claire of French for Cupcake who did a little post on what she does and everything, just like that I'm almost doing now!

Rai's little rag doll of herself. There really adorable!

Another little drawing of another blogger (but I'm not sure who! sorry)

A selection of Rai's rag dolls.

As far as I am aware these could either be drawn in pencil then scanned into photoshop to colour and edit. Or alternatively Rai may quite possibly draw these beauty's all on photoshop or some from of editing software, She is a a talented lady indeed and also a lovely girl. How rai creates the rag dolls is that you can send her an image of you and she will draw you as a little doll! I think they really cute and quirky way of portraying yourself or showing a different side of yourself across your blog. I am very tempted to have one made as they truly are adorable.In my opinion the mood of these pieces is innocent they also show a child like and fun perspective, which makes these a joy to look at.

What do you all think of the ever so wonderful Rai's cute little rag dolls?

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