These drawing were inspired by The fashion illustrator Natalie Hugh's, unfortunately there is number of people with this name. So google in fact showed me a number of Natalie's who were creative in one form or another, all wonderful I promise but the original image in a way portrays a mood of innocence and simplicity because the image is small on detail, Natalie just originally used ink and then photoshopped a matching pattern on the background and shirt which then made the "prada headband" stand out.

For my own interpretations of her image, I have made them much more busy with a number of patterns using traditional as well as digital techniques. These are my first interpretations of this chosen image I also have paper cut out versions and a paperclip collage.

These Photo's Have been created by using collage of ripped strips of magazine cuttings and silver card for the pockets and headband. I scored the silver card to add detail to the silver headband. For my bottom image I just cleared up the image and rotated it 180 degrees. As well as clearing up the image I also photoshopped her hair, to produce the psychedelic eye entrancing surface pattern.

The very top image I have edited the headband and pockets with a detailed pattern. I did struggle to begin with on managing to get a neat edge around the shapes and pieces i wanted to fill. But after using parts of this unit i feel i have improved my photoshop skills and would like to use it more in the future to make my use of it stronger. I feel i have changed the mood for this image from something sweet and maybe innocent to something much more edgy and possibly controversial and I could see one of these images being used for adverts for websites such as the make up brand eyeko or even for a independent clothing company.

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