Picture me with you but you couldn't do it.

This is Alice Rose Verney she a freelance illustrator who primarily focus's her talents on fashion and lifestyle. She uses a lot of mixed media, mainly collage and experimental photography which includes traditional and digital . Alice enjoys experimenting with new techniques and media which had led her to hugely developing her individual style of illustration.

With Alice's work I really admire her use of fabric incorporated with the pencil sketches. And how she likes to mix it up between photography, drawing, fabrics and papers. In my own work i would very much wish to take inspiration from Alice by using a stronger mix of media as well as adding pieces to the more traditional sketches I produce. I have taken inspiration from some of Verney's work with a piece which is in my file.

Alice Rose Verney tends to combine traditional and digital by originally hand sketching out the shape and basic structures of her piece out, then by scanning it into a photo editor (which could be photoshop) She has been known to edit magazine or 'clown' head onto the models bodies showing how Alice plays with scale. In my opinion I perceive some of Verney's work as quite dark. Such as the clown and deformed faces she uses for a range of her work, to some people it may be seen as disturbing to others original it just depends on your taste?

These to bottom Images are my favourite style of Alice's work. She says on her website that she realised early on that doing collage was her calling and that as she developed her own personal style she realised it was one of her biggest strengths. Alice Verney also likes to play with the positioning of the anatomy and repetition. Which is extremely clear when you look at her almost x-ray like collages. On the mood of Alice's work i see her collages here as almost glowing? or midnight by this I mean like glow in the dark . It also views as possibly a rave or techno style.

What do you all think of Alice Verney? Is she your cup of tea?
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