If santa gave me one last wish...


The Cambridge Satchel, Urban Outfitters £108

I would ask for a satchel. I have been searching far and wide for a vintage satchel but they seem near as impossible to find. And what makes this more annoying is I know of so many people who had these as school bags in the sixties and then either threw them or gave them away my mum being one of these people. Luckily for me my dad seems to have kept many number of things at my Gran's and has offered to find his old leather briefcase he had for school for me and get a long leather should strap added. I may have to take up his offer even though its not a satchel, I am really grateful dad, did you catch that? As I do not have a stable job or monthly income I shall still keep on hunting the charity shops and vintage Fayre's but for now I may acquire this bottom one. Which I still feel is a little pricey for me but I've been after one of these for ages! The top Photograph is the ever so beautiful classically handmade leather satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company but with its hefty Price tag of £108 it will only EVER be on my wish list. But if the vintage fairy is reading please let me find something like this in one of the many charity shops I rummage through for preferably under 20 quid!

River island Men's, Light brown satchel bag £26.99

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