Another Year Over and We're Still Together.


1.My first tattoo. 2.First Ed gig and met the lucky bugger! 3.1D tour. 4. Simply Be Flagship opening! 5. Meeting Gok Wan! 6.Plus London Two. 7.Still my best friend after all this time. 8.Olympic Touch in my Town. 9.Surviving 1st year of Uni. 10.Sky Ride with Dani. and Aiden lovin life. 12.Seeing McFly (which is where my post title came from!). 13.Maximo Park at The Ritz Manchester (where I also finally met Gemma!) 14.Ed Sheeran, twice in one year. 15.Plus North! 16.TTGV Halloween. 17.Matalan Blog. 18.Simply Be outfit. 19.Band Tee. 20. Simply Be dress.

I thought I'd do a little post about everything this year, now unfortunately for me health wise it's been one of my worst years ever but for many other things it's been really amazing! In the selection of photo's above are just a few of the cool things I've done this year along with 4 outfits I quite liked! Of course I had to include Ed Sheeran in it as I did manage to see him live twice this year and successfully (in a only slightly stalkerish way) meet him once! I also got a tattoo, now if you have me on Twitter you'll know about it but I didn't actually do a blog post about getting it done, I was going to but it just never happened, that and it's a totally bitch to try and get a decent picture of! It's a small plus sign behind my year, I've also gone through a lot in the last year with everything and I needed something to remind me to stay being positive because if I get int a down period I fnd it incredibly hard to shake myself out of it, so that's why its there. 2012 was also the year for meeting so many new people especially bloggers, I've made some amazing new friends in the past year who I would now count as being some of the closest friends I have ( talking about you here dani!) 

I couldn't say if my style has changed drastically this year but its definitely evolved in many ways. I'd love to know if looking back at my style in 2011 what you think has changed from that in 2012 (other than me finally wearing the right sized bra, best thing I ever did was to get fitted!)  And finally I've decided that 2013 is for sure going to be my year, where I achieve things I've always wanted to how ever big or small and do what I want and what is right for me not what I think people would want me to do! I hope everyone else's 2013 will be epic as well!
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  1. Happy New Years!

    -em x

  2. wooo 2013 is going to be great! Me you and Dani should go to a gig in 2013 for sure xx

  3. I spy me! Hollaaa! Hopefully I'll get to see more of your sexy face in 2013 ;)

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