Recycle for Greater Manchester Fashion Show.


I just wanted to show you all some pictures for an amazing event I went to a few weeks ago in Manchester.
I was invited by the lovely Stephanie of "The Wardrobe Angel" to sit with her and her lovely interns (Hi girls!) to talk about vintage fashion/styling and how to wear different outfits depending on your shape. Now in my opinion you should wear whatever you want regardless whether it's supposed to suit your shape or not but I do tend to just go for things that generally do suit my shape and tastes I think on a whole a lot of people do!

This was so much fun and I hope when it's on next year I can get involved even more! I was there as a Blogger but it also worked well with the job I have/had at the magazine. The top image is me "blogging" on the photographers phone (Don't Ask!?). But all in all this was so much fun though I do feel I should of dressed up a little more but never mind! There were also two fashion shows showcasing creations from students at Salford Uni and every collection had the theme of recycling whether it was made using vintage fabrics or a jumper knitted created with plastic bags!

(Thanks to the event itself and The Wardrobe Angel for the photos!)
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