Floral Culottes and Band Tee.


Top: Kaiser Chiefs Tour. Belt: Asos Curve. Culottes: Dorothy Perkins. 
Blazer: Gemma Collins c/o Simply Be.

 I was on twitter a few days ago (but lets get real, I'm ALWAYS on it ...) and the lovely Olivia from Wait Until The Sunset had posted an outfit involving one of her many loved Band Tee's and was wondering whether her look with them was too 'tough' and how could she make it more feminine. I suggested teaming it with florals as this is what I do with the majority of my cool band tee's. Now I'm sure you all know by now I'm a lover of in some opinions rubbish pop music meaning I have a large number of tee's from pop concerts so instead of showing you my Jonas Brothers and One Direction numbers (these are strictly pj tops and are never seen in public!) or even my number of McFly ones which have actually in the past happily been worn in public, granted most recently while I was on the way to one of there gigs. I thought I'd show you one of my all time favourite band tee's and how I tend to style it.

This is a Kaiser Chiefs Tee from the tour for the second album "Yours Truly Angry Mob". It is very much loved so has probably seen better days, I've actually had this since I was 13, so that's six years not bad going for a top! In the last few years I always tend to pair my tour shirts with these cute floral culottes, I know their not technically a skirt, but they look like one! I can dress these up or down and have surprisingly been a very versatile piece in my wardrobe. The belt has now been featured on here a number of times as I just love pairing it with everything specially florals as it keeps that rocky edge and also finished the look off without being too much. Now the blazer is to die for, in fact it will be getting a post of its own for a review very soon but lets just say I'm so in love with it, perfect beyond words! For my make up I was actually getting ready to go out, so I had a sparkly lid with some smudged black liner along my upper lash line for some definition with lashing of mascara and some colour on my lips to compliment the flowers on the culottes.

As it's winter here and dark by 4pm the majority of my pictures seem to be getting taken at night (if I get chance at all lately!) But I actually quite like how the pictures turn out, I hope you don't mind! Also if you haven't checked out Olivia's blog then it's a must she is one of my fave bloggers and her pictures always make me smile because she has such a lovely smile! She's also from Australia, how amazing is it that we get to chat like old friends yet we're basically on the other side of the world to each other, sometimes you just gotta love the Internet!
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  1. THIS OUTFIT IS SO GOOD! INFACT...I could indeed predict that there could be a riot over it ;) xo

  2. Love this outfit! The closest thing I have to a band tshirt is my Full House tshirt... Hardly hardcore haha!
    Elle (The Curvy Elle)

  3. Hope you had a lovely Christmas... your really pretty and I love your style...
    if you have time come visit my new blog:


  4. Love it! Never thought of mixing band tees with floral prints. Might need to steal your idea

  5. YAYYYAAAYY!!! Totally rocking Rosie! Those culottes are super awesome, I'm going to have to shop for a pair I think!

    Thanks so much for the post, it has been loads of fun pushing my comfort zones with you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. no problem lovely! I enjoyed it and it got an outfit post for me too it was much needed motivation! :) I'd love to do more like this with you in the future :) xx

  6. I love the skirt :)

    - em x


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