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I am so in love with this bracelet from Cheap Thrills! It's a little quirky and different but ultimately still so beautiful! There are so many adorable vintage esque styled pieces which are all individual but would work beautifully piled on together as well on this site! I've been a fan for what seems like years but I'm yet to actually order anything from the site as I'm never one to have at all pricey jewellery and I tend to get it tangled or broken in no time at all... but I just LOVE this so much it may be the time to invest. This is something I'm hopefully going to purchase in the New Year when I've got a little more money to spare! I'm really interested in specific times of history and this is just so cool! You all know I adore vintage from all different era's but I also love all things historical within reason. Also lets not forget Henry was a bit of a gooer and probably had a fair few children he didn't know about floating around his castle at the time! Totally makes this more bad ass!

I can't believe how close it is to Christmas Day now its crazy! I know I've been a little behind with outfit posts lately but I have a few reviews to get up as well as some super cute outfits to show you but the god awful weather has stopped me getting pictures! Trying to take photographs in the rain is near impossible and you always look a mess too! Once it's stopped raining for more than ten minutes I'll get on it!
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  1. Thanks for the feature Rosie! Henry was a bit of a gooer indeed! hehe! Have a fabulous Christmas and New Year :) Georgia x

  2. I got this for Christmas, from my fiancee, who waited and waited for it be delivered (we're in the States). It really truly is a beautiful piece and gorgeous in person!


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