Cassius it's over you're second best.


Dress: Dorothy Perkins. Flatforms/Necklace: Primark. Lace Blouse: Charity Shop. Leggings: Matalan.

This is what I wore last night to my brothers "Through the Grapevine" night which happens at a local cafe/bar. We had a live act performing for the first time and they were pretty awesome and just my type of music and not to painful to look at and that always helps! I'll hopefully get some pictures up of them performing soon so you can see for yourselves.

Overall I tend to always choose comfort over style because well I was standing up most of the night as I'm normally on the door as I know all the underagers and you don't mess with me! So like usual I'm sporting my trusty leggings which I can't live without I wear them under everything! In fact is it wrong to say I feel naked without them on? Though I wanted to also wear my new flatforms which you saw in my previous outfit post and I am currently obsessed with so by the end of the night they were pinching on my toes a little but other than that there pretty damn comfy. The Blouse I've had for years but never really worn but I love how it looks over the dress, which I've been layering under a number of jumpers and tops just so the collar is seen. I added detail with the necklace which was from my Primark haul last week. Its perfect for under collars to create a bit more interest and style to the finished look.

These were taken at the end of the night so my make up and hair was more gruesome than groomed. I wore a pink/red lipliner with balm over to create a coloured stain on my lips and fully did my face as generally I only use concealer and powder but yesterday I bought some decent make up brushes in the hope that by using them my skin may improve or at the very least my foundation (when I wear it) looks better. I'd also bought new foundation that day and blusher unfortunately the foundation is a little darker than what I'm used to, but probably works better for my slightly sunned face. I'm also yet again in need of a hair cut but thankfully not because my ombre has gone horrid and dry again, I'm so happy at how soft it is I'm thinking of doing a post on what I use would anyone want to read it? Oh finally incase you were wondering where my title came from my brother played the foals last night and its been stuck in my head since!
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  1. You look lovely! I love your Flatforms! Need to get myself a pair they look so nice on. Although I have the widest duck feet on the planet so not sure if they will fit.

    Looking so pretty Rosie! xo

    1. my feet are a EEE normally, so I'm surprised they fitted so well in these, well worth a try :) x

  2. I'm just like you about my leggings. I've already got half a dozen in black and am thinking about ordering more.

  3. Love this outfit. The necklace is amazing x

  4. I couldn't survive without leggings, i'm so dependent on them, i put jeans or trousers on now and it' doesn't feel right at all! tights i can live with but thats hardlies a big jump haha.
    I am in love with that necklace too! x

  5. such an amazing outfit, love the necklace!

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