Collars and Colour.


Dress: c/o AX Paris. Tights: We Love Colors (from Plus North Goodie Bag). Flatforms, Bag: Primark.

So this post is a mix of pieces I've been gifted and new purchases I got today when I finally had my Primark fix (which I've been desperate to get for months!) Where the shoes and the bag have come from I 'll show you some of the other stuff I got in future posts. I actually went to Manchester with my brother who had an interview at a media company for some experience and as I know Manchester slightly better than him I thought I'd tag along partly because I'm a brilliant sister and partly because I was in some serious need of shopping.

I got sent this dress by the lovely people from AX Paris and what originally drew me to this was the adorable lace detailing and of course the peter pan collar. As much as I do love it I just feel that this isn't my style anymore, not how black and white used to be anyway. I also find the collar to be a little to over sized for my liking. I thought I'd brighten up this otherwise dark outfit with minty accents, these are the first tights from We Love Colors I've ever tried but I have always wanted to, so thanks to Plus North for popping them in our goodie bags! This is possibly a colour I wouldn't originally choose for myself but I seriously love it though they do tend to do a little nora battie on my ankles! I have been frantically searching for some form of flatforms and I'm so glad to have found these beauts in the Primark wide fit section, I don't know how long they'll last but I love them all the same.

From looking at these pictures I do really think I'm in need of at least a fringe trim, if not an actual haircut! I bought some touch of silver treatment shampoo today to try and brighten my ombre as its getting a bit brassy on the ends!
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  1. love the colour of those tights and the flatforms, i'm not sure about the collar on the dress, like you say its a tad over sized. but over all i like the look.

    Glad you managed to get your primark fix, did you manager to slip it all in your mums basket?

    1. hahaa no none in my mums basket as she didn't go with me, i was with my big brother! but I'm planning on dragging mum to the one closer to me next week! :)

  2. I like a big collar and the tights are a great colour. I only ever wear boring black tights but might invest in some fun ones for winter x

  3. I love the flat fors so much and i'm lad you got the backpack! xx

  4. I'm in love with your backpack

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