OSP Summer Style Trials.


Shoes, Dress and Bag: c/o One Stop Plus. Socks: Urban Outfitters. Rings: Matalan.

Hi Guys so I'm the final blogger involved in the OSP Summer Style Trials which started a few moths back when we were all contacted they supplied the clothes and we supplied the style after all of us have uploaded the final pieces onto our blogs there chosen judges will er judge? And so the look I've decided to go for is a retro mod kind of vibe as I'm loving buttoned up collars/shirts at the moment. I wanted to keep the outfit interesting so I choose to add pops of colour with the pink jazz shoe like pumps and my Lipstick and rings which tie the whole outfit together pulling the pink from the shoes to the blue tones of the dress.

This dress fitted me beautiful on the top but clung to my tummy a little to much for my liking so you could see my rolls! But some serious shape wear would easily sort that problem I just don't really own any. It is also a little long in the body for me but as I'm pretty short I'm used to it and prefer to pull things up slightly so they sit better regardless. Now the shoes I adore the colour, style everything about them! I've never owned shoes in such a lovely colour and they also match quite a few bags in my wardrobe so I can't wait to mix them up with more outfits. I've also never owned a white bag before and its not something I'd usually go for but I feel it lightens the outfit and makes my rings stand out too. My make up is just some eyeliner and a vibrant pink lipstick to pull everything together, I'm also loving my hair with this look as even though the sun was blinding me I felt really cool!

So over all I do feel I totally rock this look, and it makes me want to jump on a scooter and pretend I'm a mod's girl! Alas I'll never be but at least I can dress like one?

The other Bloggers taking part in the One Stop Plus Summer Style Trials were:
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  1. I really love this look! That dress is so cute and with your styling it nails the Mod look perfectly.



    1. love this dress, very 60s. I'm going to be in Manchester in November on the 5th and 6th so keep it free :) x

  2. ohhh you look great Ilove the whole mod look. I love the socks also. xx

  3. you look really gorgeous here- very mod! I don't like it when dresses are tight on my belly either- but this one is super cute!!

  4. Love your ombre, looks great x

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