30 Minute Love Affair.


So I just wanted to quickly post up Paloma Faiths new video for her second single off the new album because I just adore the styling off the whole set and well of course the look of the beautiful lady herself.

This video was fully styled by Karl Willett who also helps Jessie J our as well. Though I personally like to think that all the imagination was still Paloma's but Karl just helped it become a reality. This is the exact type of stylist I one day want to become, I don't want to make a look for the person because then they won't be there true self. I mean of course I am perfectly capable of dressing something in a specific style or look of dress but I always think peoples outfits look so much better when they have a bit of there personality in them!

I also find this song really catchy like most of Paloma's I'll probably know all the words to it by Wednesday the chorus is specially awesome! So turn up the volume and take the video in, let me know what you think of it all?
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  1. I love Paloma and everything about her! Saw her in South Kensington tube station once, singing to herself in a tshirt with a pineapple on... x

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