Sky Ride.


Now you may wonder as to why I'm posting about this but the truth be told I do like riding a bike, to be honest I'm not every good at it but I try.I'm more one for riding down very quiet country lanes and taking in scenery than to be racing around on anything overly high tech!

I was contacted about being involved in Sky Ride North West about a month ago and as much as I loved the idea in all honesty I thought they must of sent it to the wrong person because I don't think you can look at my blog and think of me as a sporty person at all! So I didn't reply straight away and then I forgot about it until they emailed me asking if I'd thought about it and would be interested and after finding out I won't have to cycle the whole ride (which I fear would kill me) I'm seriously thinking about doing it, of course I'm going to drag a fellow blogger with me for moral support and as the ambassador for this event is the drop dead beautiful Kelly Brook, it's pretty much worth going just to get a glimpse of her! At the moment shes a major girl crush of mine!

The event is on July 15th and the ride goes through the heart of Manchester and out to the National Cycling Centre if you want to attend all you have to do is register here and you can tag along! Now I'm off to find my cutest Bike appropriate outfit!
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